Listing services

We pride ourselves on providing a professional and integrated service, aligned to the individual needs of our clients.

We coordinate the listing process, collecting all pertinent data required by the relevant stock exchange. Additionally, we act as our client’s ongoing sponsor and assist them in meeting the issuer’s continuing obligations as a listed issuer on the exchange.

Estera Administration (Guernsey) Limited is a Category 2 Listing Member of the TISE. We specialise in sponsoring investment funds, from providing advice and submitting the initial application through to ensuring that continuing obligations are met.

In order to become a Category 2 Sponsor, our specialist team has had to demonstrate that it has sufficient “experience and expertise in the administration and listing of investment funds”.

Our services include:

  • Preparing the formal letter of application and vetting of the prospectus to ensure compliance with the relevant jurisdictional listing regulations
  • Submitting the prospectus to the listing committee
  • Submitting issuer/director/sponsor undertakings
  • Vetting and submitting all further documents required under the listing regulations
  • Acting at all times as the issuer’s principal channel of communication with the stock exchange, and maintaining close informational ties with the issuer
  • Ensuring the issuer complies with its continued obligations under the relevant section of the listing regulations (depending on the nature of the security listed and the jurisdiction)
  • Responding quickly to all enquiries made by the stock exchange on behalf of the issuer


This service is available in the following locations:



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